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Gellan Application

Gellan Gum for Jellies

Source:OPAL Biotech.    Release time:2021-09-10 17:23:38

Gellan gum LAG mainly applied in jelly, jam, candy and other water based gel systems as gelling agent. The dosage could be as low as 0.1-0.5%.

Gellan gum can form gels with different texture from elastic to brittle, and can make the the thermo-irreversible gel by controlling melting temperature.

Gellan gum is more and more popular than gelatin used for jelly drops/soft candies. Gellan gum as a natural hydrophilic colloid not only caters to the green and healthy consumption concept, but also has obvious advantages of taste and cost.

Low acyl gellan gum has its unique advantage when applied in jelly production, such as quite low dosage (0.3%-0.5%) and excellent gels transparency(85%min.). Especially for premium quality jellies, low acyl gellan gum makes it true to produce layered jellies with very clear boundary between different layers. It can be made into red, green, yellow, white and other flavor color jellies by using oil-soluble food coloring and spices. Not mixed, and not Channeling taste.

Gelan gum can be easily dispersed in water-based systems using common mixing devices. Typical applications are as follows:
1.Mix gellan gum with other materials and dispersed in cold water (adding chelating agent can help to dissolve the colloid);
2.Heat to above 85º until fully dissolved;
3.Add Kations(Ca, Mg, Cl, and so on);
4.Cooling the mixture and a stable gel systerm formed. 

Recommended Recipes of jellies made by Gellan Gum LAG:
Gellan gum LAG 0.12%,carrageenan 0.2%,konjac gum 0.3%, KCI 0.1%, calcium lactate 0.1%,sodium citrate 0.27%, white sugar 4%, citric acid 0.3%, parfum, sweetener, colourings, proper quantity of fruit juice.

Gellan gum LAG used in jelly drops with following recommended recipes:Gellan gum LAG 0.3%,xanthan gum 1%, konjac gum 0.5%, sodium citrate 0.1%, calcium lactate 0.1%, citric acid 0.05%, maltose syrup(75%) 40%, white sugar30%, fruit juice, other ingredients, Add water to 100%.