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Gellan Application

Plant Based Drinks

Source:OPAL Biotech.    Release time:2022-03-31 22:20:34

Plant Protein Beverages grow very fastly in China market. Raw marerial for those beverages are are plant nutlet and flesh. The proein and vitamine inside is abundant. High acly gellan gum applied in those beverages to improve its taste and it could be applied as thickener and stabilizer to keep the proteins stable. High Acyl Gellan Gum could also be combined with other hydrocolloids such as carrageenan, guar gum, locust bean gum to get better effects. High acly gellan gum is widely applied in walnuts beverage, peanut beverage, coca milk, corn juice and green bean juice. 
OPAL BIOTECH HIGH ACLY GELLAN GUM APPLICATION PLANT PROTEINHigh Acyl Gellan Gum HAP: This type of gellan gum could be easily dispersed in milk or other beverage system by utlizing common mixing devices. Disperse the gellan gum and other materials disperse into cool waer or beverage system by mixing and stirring, then heat to 85C waiting for thorough dissolving, then add rest materials, adjust pH to Neutral, homogenize, UHT or HTST Sterilizaiton.
RECOMMENED APPLICATION RECIPES(Walnuts Beverage):Gellan Gum HAP: 0.025%-0.05%; Sodium Citrate 0.05%; Calgon 0.02%; Walnuts Powder 4%; Sugar 4%; Emusifier; Flavors; add water to 100%.
PROCEDURES of Walnuts Beverage Production:
1.Preprocess walnuts powder: add to deionized water, keep 60C for 30min; Fliter after milling;
2.Mix gellan gum, salts and sugar in dry condition; Add into above solution while stirring;
3.Heat to 85C or higher, keep 15min for gum disolving;
 4.Constant Voume; Adjust pH by Sodium Citrate to 6.8; Homogenating under 50C and 15-35mPa pressure;
 5.UHT sterilization,140℃, 3s, Cooling, Filling. 
Gellan Gum HAP can also be applied in RTD driinks or beverages. Gellan Gum can provide protein stability due to buffering capacity, as stablizer is widely applied in RTD beverages such as RTD coffee beverages, hot Cocoa, Instant Drinks, Chocolate Milk, RTD Fruit Juice & Tea, RTD Meal Replacers, and Fiber RTD Meal Replacers.