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Gellan Application

Gellan Gum for Almond Milk

Source:OPAL Biotech.    Release time:2020-02-19 22:23:00

Gellan Gum could be used in a wide pH range, especially in acid conditions, gellan gum has unique advantages than xanthan gum and carrageenan. HAM Type Gellan Gum researched by OPALBIOTECH is a perfect stabilizing agent for milk/dairy beverages and a very good thickening agent for dairy foods. When HAM Gellan Gum applied in milk, it could prevent proteins from sinking down to bottom on storage.
HAM Type Gellan Gum is pure High Acyl Gellan Gum which is of high viscosity in water after dissolving and the solution is not as clear as that from Low Acyl Gellan Gum.
While high acyl gellan gum is not so sensitive to kations as low acyl gellan gum and high acyl gellan gum is not easy to be actived with proteins. So high acyl gellan gum is always applied in Milk/Dairy products.

Question: For what milk/dairy products Gellan Gum HAM could be applied for?
Answer: High Acyl Gellan Gum HAM could be applied in milk/dairy beverages such as soybean milk which doesn't need transparent and clear appearance. Gellan Gum HAM would help to stabilize milk dairy beverages (if for acid milk beverages, should combine CMC or Guar Gum to protect protein).
Question: How much dosage rate for Gellan Gum HAM applied in milk/dairy beverages?
Answer: The recommended dosage for High Acyl Gellan Gum is 0.025%-0.035%.
Question: Is Gellan Gum HAM sensative to Kations ? Does it need to dissolve gellan gum HAM first then add salts, just like application of LA Gellan Gum?
Answer: No need to dissove HAM Gellan Gum seperately; all materials could be premixed and then dissolved by heating.
Question: Is Gellan Gum HAM Solution Clear?
Answer: No! Gellan Gum HAM Solution is non-transparent. It's milky or cloudy.
Question: Is Gellan Gum HAM of Gel. Strength? How about the gel. texture?
Answer: Gellan Gum HAM Gel. Strength is approx 600g/cm2; the gelling texture is of elasticity characteristics.
Question: What is the setting temperature of Gellan Gum HAM?
Answer: 50C.

Instructed Steps in Actual Application:
1.Mix Gellan Gum HA and 50% of water;
2.Disperse the gellan gum in the cold water by stirring;
3.Heat at 90℃ for 10 minutes for 100% dissolving of gellan gum in water;
4.Add 50% of pure soybean milk to solution 3;
5.Cool down to 25℃.