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  • Notification about Gellan Gum pH standard adjustment!

    Notification about Gellan Gum pH standard adjustment
    pH Standard about Gellan Gum adjusted to below on specification and COA:
    Testing Method remains the same.[Details]

  • Specification of Curdlan Gum ?!

    Product: Curdlan Gum HBG-371
    Appearance: Free-flowing powder
    Color: White to nearly white powder
    Odor: Odorless or almost odorless
    GeI strength: Min.450 g/cm2
    Loss on drying: Max.10%
    Ash: min.7%
    pH( 1% aqueous suspension):6.0-7.5
    Nitrogen : max.1.8%
    Lead: max. O.5mg/kg
    Arsenic : max.2 mg/kg
    Particle size: (80mesh) min.92% through
    Total plate count:max.10000/g
    E. Coil:0/10g
    GB28304-2012 (China National Standard)[Details]

  • How much do you know about Curdlan Gum ?!

    Curdlan is a microbial exopopolysaccharide (EPS), produced by Alcaligenes sp, and D-glucose in the  C1  and C2 bits with β-glucosidase formatting a non-ionic polysaccharide chain substances. Curdlan can be dissolved in alkaline solution (which can be completely dissolved in sodium hydroxide, trisodium phosphate, calcium phosphate, alkaline solution which is pH 12 higher), insoluble in water, but its very easy to disperse in cold water, form a more uniform and stable dispersion system after a high-speed stirring. It can use in flour products both dry and wet, instant noodle, tofu, meat, hamburg, meat enema food and plant based meat products etc.

    Properties of Curdlan Gum
    Hot gelation: Cur[Details]

  • Benefit of Curdlan Gum over Konjac?!

    Curdlan Gum has no strange smell as it is fermentation products, but Konjac would cause a kind of fishy smell in free-meat products production, due to the product characteristics.[Details]


    The China International Import Expo (CIIE), the first national-level import-themed professional trade fair in the world, will lead off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on Nov 5. Initiated by the Chinese government in 2018, the CIIE continues to be a significant platform for the nation's opening-up and enhancing international economic cooperation and free trade.[Details]

  • Is Curdlan Gum Gel. Heat Irreversible ?!

    Gels formed by Curdlan Gum Gel. under heating condition of 80C is Heat Irreversible [Details]

  • How much Gellan Gum Dosage for PTC Use?!

    Approx 0.235% dosage with LAT Gellan Gum, is perfect enough for plant tissue culture media use.[Details]

  • Curdlan Gum perform in Fresh noodles ?!

    How does Curdlan Gum perform in Fresh noodles ?
    Curdlan Gum could help the fresh noodles to obtain better elasticity. The noodles won't be broken after boiling for long time. It's easy to use as curdlan gum could be added into wheat powder directly bef[Details]

  • Normal Water Viscosity High Gellan Gum HA Available.!

    We are now providing market with our upgraded High Acyl Gellan Gum with below improvements:
    1. Whiteness increased to 60%-70%;
    2. Normal Temperature Water Viscosity keeps more than 200cp;
    3. Much easier solubility in normal water;
    4. Higher Gel. Stren[Details]

  • Low Kation Reaction Gellan Gum Available!

    Low Kations Reaction Ability Gellan Gum Available
    Low Acyl Gellan Gum is quite sensative to Kations like Calcium, so the appearance of Kations like Ca would cause a serious problem for gellan gum dissolving in water, leading to a weaker or failed applica[Details]

  • Notification About OPAL Brand Gellan Gum Type Code!

    Notification About OPAL Brand Gellan Gum Type Code[Details]

  • Gellan Gum: Excellent for VITRO Tissue Cultures!

    Gellan Gum: Excellent for VITRO Tissue Cultures[Details]

  • Business Getting Back to Normal Step by Step!

    Business Getting Back to Normal Step by Step[Details]

  • Gellan Gum will replace Carrageenan in Milk?!

    Gellan Gum will replace Carrageenan in Milk?[Details]

  • Why Agar and Carrageenan Price Going Up?!

    Why Agar and Carrageenan Price Going Up?[Details]